Construction insulation



Our offer includes general construction products such as: mineral wool wedges, mineral wool trapezoids. Upon request, we are able to make wedges and trapezoids from other materials such as PIR, PUR, XPS.


Mineral wool wedge

Roof wedges with a right-angled, isosceles triangle cross-section, made of mineral wool. Available dimensions 5x5 and 10x10 cm. Triangular wool wedges are used in the corners of buildings before the installation of thermal felt. The main purpose of using wedges is to prevent the roofing felt from kinking when processing parapets, chimneys, skylights and roof hatches.


Mineral wool trapezoids

Mineral wool trapezoids are designed to fill spaces in trapezoidal metal sheets in order to improve acoustic and thermal insulation. These products, cut to size, ensure quick installation.